Willa Mamet

Rapier Tongue, Honey Voice, to break your heart and mend it, as needed.

May California Tour w/

Paul Miller + Pamela Samuelson

Singing with Paul Miller and Pamela Samuelson, to be found in Culver City on May 10 and Ojai on May 11. Tickets, below.

photo:  Emma Norman

Willa Mamet is blessed with a rich, warm, emotionally-packed, intimate voice. Her interpretations of other peoples’ songs are breathtaking. But it’s her own deeply felt and insightful songwriting and fearless, funny stage presence that has her star rising in an early evening sky.
— Mary Tilson, America's Back 40, KPFA Berkeley CA

The hauntingly beautiful voice reminiscent of Edie Brickell and Judy Collins’ in a sweet and handsome Butch Package of contemporary queer singer-songwriter bliss that I call Will.
— Dr. Animal Prufrock

Next Show

May 2: Timbre Folk

Berkeley, CA…with Paul Miller